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1. Convenient and easy to use

The teeth whitening wholesale single use teeth whitening treatment packs with pen application method are incredibly convenient and easy to use. Simply open the pack, apply the gel to your teeth using the pen, and you're ready to go. No need to worry about messy trays or complicated application processes. With the pen application method, you can achieve professional results with just a few simple steps.

2. Safe and hygienic

The single use format of the treatment packs ensures that each patient gets a fresh, hygienic supply of gel for their treatment. This helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and ensures that each patient receives a safe and effective treatment. Additionally, the pen application method helps to reduce the risk of contamination compared to traditional trays or syringes, making it an ideal choice for use in dental offices and salons.

3. Effective and long-lasting results

The teeth whitening gel used in the single use treatment packs contains a high concentration of active ingredients, ensuring that you get the best possible results from your treatment. The gel works quickly to penetrate the enamel and remove deep-seated stains, giving you a brighter, whiter smile that lasts for months. Additionally, the pen application method allows you to apply the gel precisely where you need it, ensuring that you get consistent, even results every time.

4. Cost-effective

Purchasing teeth whitening products from a wholesale supplier is often much more cost-effective than buying them from a retail outlet. You can get large quantities of high-quality, effective products at a fraction of the cost, making it a great option for dental offices and salons that need to provide a large number of treatments. Additionally, the single use format of the treatment packs means that you only need to purchase what you need, reducing waste and helping to keep costs down.

5. Simple and quick to use

The pen application method makes it quick and easy to apply the gel to your teeth. Simply twist the bottom of the pen to dispense the gel, and apply it to your teeth as directed. There's no need to worry about making a mess or getting the gel everywhere. The pen allows you to control the amount of gel you use, ensuring that you get the most out of each treatment pack.

In conclusion, the teeth whitening wholesale single use teeth whitening treatment packs with pen application method are a convenient, safe, and effective way to achieve a brighter, whiter smile. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy way to improve your smile, or you're a dental professional or salon looking for a cost-effective way to provide treatments, the pen application method is an excellent choice. With its easy application, hygienic single use format, and effective results, you can feel confident that you're getting the best possible treatment for your smile.


We are a professional teeth whitening supplier to beauty salons, home salons and dental clinics. Our factory is ISO certified, FDA Certified. We have all registrations and documentation available including NICNAS, CE, MSDS, EEC and Electrical Safety.  We are compliant with all regulations for Australia and USA.  We have helped thousands of customers achieve a profitable teeth whitening business.


We are one of Australia largest suppliers of teeth whitening products with gel treatment kits for $16.95 each it’s easy to see why.   When offering our products to your clients you will have the confidence of offering the best products available in Australia today.

Our teeth whitening gels are the strongest available in Australia for non-dental practitioners.  Our products are all Australian compliant and with all regulations and legislations.  Our clients achieve excellent results of 5-14 shades lighter on untreated teeth.  View our clients results on our Facebook page:-



Q. What gel do dentists use to whiten teeth?

A. Dentists generally use hydrogen peroxide gel


Q: What are the best teeth whitening gel?

A: Teeth whitening products mainly have the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide carbamide peroxide or non-peroxide.  All are an excellent choices to remove stains from the surface of tooth enamel however hydrogen peroxide is the most popular choice. 

Q: What is the difference between hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide?

A: Both hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are effective teeth whitening ingredients. Carbamide peroxide is a more complex and stable product and has about 1/3 the strength of hydrogen peroxide. Put simply, 18% carbamide peroxide has about the same strength as 6% hydrogen peroxide. The other difference is that hydrogen peroxide works faster which makes it a popular choice with most clinics and salons.


Q: Does carbamide peroxide have a longer shelf life than hydrogen peroxide?

A: Products with carbamide peroxide have a slightly longer shelf life than those with hydrogen peroxide however the difference is very slight.  Both products will benefit from being refrigerated.  The higher the temperature peroxide is stored at the faster it will less effective.


Q: Which works better?

A: Both hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide generate brilliant teeth whitening results. There are no conclusive studies showing one whitens better than the other however hydrogen peroxide offers more direct delivery and is faster acting which can be beneficial as faster can reduce dilution of the product from saliva.


Q: How long do you leave whitening gel on your teeth?

A: Hydrogen peroxide treatments are generally done in 15-20 minute sessions while carbamide peroxide treatments are 20-25 minute sessions.  As teeth whitening is uncomfortable for the client and time is money, faster is better!

Q: Does hydrogen peroxide cause more teeth sensitivity than carbamide peroxide?

A: Generally speaking at levels of 6%HP and 18%CP tooth sensitivity is rare with both products when applied correctly.

Q: Which ingredients give longer-lasting results?

A: The time teeth whitening will last depends on diet and lifestyle, not the products used.  Teeth will gradually restain with food, beverages and smoking. 


Q: Are teeth whitening gels safe?

A: All our whitening gels are safe and gentle on teeth and gums.


Q: What is the best teeth whitening procedure?

A: In-chair teeth whitening treatments produce the best results in achieving maximum results in 1 hour.


Q: What is the safest teeth whitener?

A: Teeth whitening gel under the concentration of 6% hydrogen peroxide or 18% Carbamide peroxide are considered safe and approved by the ADIA for cosmetic use.  Peroxide gel over these concentrations is not permitted to be used in Australia by non-dental practitioners.

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