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Teeth Whitening Training Manual PDF

FAQ Fact Sheet

Editable Client Concent Form

After Care Information Sheet



 Ask client to brush their teeth before their appointment.  

Confirm the appointment at least one hour prior

Make sure you have everything you need for the appointment:

 - Chair (if applicable)
 - Led light and Power Cable and extension lead
 - Protective Glasses
 - Cheek Retractor
 - 2 x Bibs
 - 1 x Pen
 - 1 x Vitamin E swab
 - 2 x finger Wipes
 - Consent Form

Teeth Whitening Training


1. Have a consultation with the client prior to the treatment.  Have the client sign the client consent form.

2. Open your teeth shade set; decide with the client the current shade of their darkest tooth. Write this down on the disclaimer form.

3. Offer the client their teeth whitening treatment pack and ask them to put on the bib.  Show the client how to use the cheek retractor using your demonstration model.  Demonstrate how they should apply the gel to the visible front teeth only avoiding the gum area using your demo pen. (IMPORTANT: At no point should you touch your client’s teeth or mouth)

4. Now ask the client to remove their cheek retractor from their bag for them to insert. 

5. Ask your client to open a finger wipe sachet and ask your them to Rub the front of their teeth by placing their finger into the wipe and using the blue side on the teeth, they may then discard into the rubbish.

6. Ask your client to open the gel pen and twist until gel covers the brush head.  Ask them to start with the top teeth making sure each tooth is thoroughly covered including in between the teeth going as close to the gum line as possible without covering the gum.  The applicator will probably need twisting and reloading every two to three teeth.  After they have applied the gel to half of top teeth do the same for the bottom set.

7. Have a quick look and make sure the client has even cover and has not missed any areas.

8. Fully recline your client and position the light head so it is pointing directly onto the exposed teeth roughly 2cm away from the clients mouth as close as you can get it without touching. 

9. Explain to the client that if they feel any sharp pain in their teeth that they should let you know. 
 (If this occurs cease the treatment and ask the client to rinse thoroughly and then brush their teeth without toothpaste. Recommend they visit their dentist as they may have an outstanding dental condition).

10. Pass the client the protective glasses for them to put on then turn on your light and set for 20 minutes.  Let the client relax under the lamp until the end of the session.  Check occasionally to make sure the clients mouth is directly in front of the lamp.

11. Ask them to rinse their mouth and brush lightly with a tooth brush but NO toothpaste or use the finger wipe.  (the gel will only remain active for around 20 minutes so you will need a fresh application for the next session)

12. Repeat from step 3 offering the client a fresh bib.  If the client is experiencing slight gum sensitivity use the vitamin E swab.  You may require 2 to3 treatments in the one visit to get maximum results for your client.

13. Select the clients new teeth shade using the same tooth and the same well lit area.

14. Tell your client NOT to consume tea, coffee, red wine, curry or anything that would stain a white shirt for 24 to 48 hours.  Provide them with a copy of the aftercare sheet.


We get fantastic results from our products with results of 5 to 14 shades whiter able to be achieved on untreated teeth.  Results will be reduced if the client uses any home whitening products or has had an in-chair treatment in the past 2 years.  While most clients are thrilled with the results some have unrealistic expectations.  Teeth whitening will not produce paper white teeth like seen in the movies this is a result or having the surface of the teeth replaced with porcelain veneers.  Teeth whitening will remove stains from the surface of the teeth and return them to the colour they were originally grown. 

IMPORTANT:  Ensure your client understands teeth whitening results are subjective as each individual is different and teeth will only whiten to the degree which they are stained.  This means teeth whitening will only whiten teeth to the colour they were originally grown.  Therefore, the more stained a person’s teeth the greater the result will be.  Teeth with very little staining due to good diet or the use of home whitening treatments may not show as much of a result.  The whiter the persons teeth were originally the whiter the result that can be achieved.

We have great live results our clients are getting on our Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/teethwhiteninginfo  




Non-dental practitioners must issue clients with their own DIY self administered teeth whitening kit to be compliant with Australian regulations. Peroxide at levels of 6% hydrogen peroxide or 18% carbamide peroxide is requires a Schedule S5 Caution on the front of the packaging label.  All teeth whitening products are also required to have a list of ingredients.  Our teeth whitening treatment packs offer s Australian compliant labeling.  



The client must apply the gel to their own teeth.  Under Australian regulations at no time are you permitted to touch the client’s teeth or mouth or to perform any dental diagnosis. 

It is important to note that the policy on teeth whitening developed by the Dental Board of Australia (DBA) under Section 39 of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act (National Law), as in force in each state and territory, states that teeth whitening products should only be used by a registered dental practitioner with education, training and competence in teeth whitening.

 Download Consent Form     Download Teeth Whitening Training Manual     Teeth Whitening Training Video


Teeth Whitening Training Manual PDF

FAQ Fact Sheet

Editable Client Concent Form


We are Australian distributors of teeth whitening products for professionals.  Whether you have a salon or clinic, want to work from home or want to start a mobile teeth whitening business.  Our teeth whitening systems are the easiest and most cost effective way to get started in the industry.  Our packages include a selection of state of the art teeth whitening lamps (machines, accelerators) and Australian complainant peroxide and non peroxide gels.  We offer carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide in both pens and syringes.

We ship direct from our warehouse in Australia via express post so you get your order fast.  We have high turnover and our whitening gels are always fresh and highly effective ensuring the best results for your client.  We are importers of only the highest quality teeth whitening equipment and products and deal direct with the manufacturer.  Our teeth whitening gels are the strongest available in Australia for non-dental practitioners.  Our products, equipment and labelling are Australian compliant.  Our gels have MSDS reports and our equipment have CE certificates.  Our products and training meet Australian standards.

Offering teeth whitening in your salon or clinic is a great way to earn extra revenue from the clients you already have.  Our teeth whitening gels are the strongest available in Australia for non-dental practitioners and our accelerator lamps are manufactured to Australian standards.  Our products and teeth whitening machines all backed up by our satisfaction guarantee.  Our clients achieve excellent results of 5-14 shades lighter on untreated teeth.  View our clients results on our Facebook page:- https://www.facebook.com/teethwhiteninginfo

When you purchase a teeth whitening business solution from us receive more than just the equipment you need. In addition to the teeth whitening lamp and gel treatment packs in each starter kit you will receive essential information on regulations and insurance along with client consent forms and comprehensive training manuals, videos and at a glance treatment cards to help you breeze through your first few clients.  Our teeth whitening training process can be completed in less than 1 hour.

We offer a huge range of solutions the help you get into the business of teeth whitening.  We have a great range of drop ship products, so you can make money from selling teeth whitening products without the need to hold stock.  We also offer bulk wholesale prices and have an excellent reseller program.


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