Do you offer Lay-buy?

Yes, you certainly can lay-by your teeth whitening starter kit.  If you wish to lay-buy other products please contact us.

How does lay-buy work?

You may start with as little as $150 deposit and make payments of $50+ at any time.  Y When you make your payments we will update your order in the system.  When making payments simply use your order number and name as a reference.  Please also just send us a quick email letting us know you have made the deposit to ensure your account is updated as quickly as possible.  Once you have paid for your kit in full we will ship it to you and you can get started in teeth whitening.

How do I place a Lay-buy order?

Simply add the kit you wish to purchase to the shopping cart and proceed through the checkout process.  In step 2 of 3 of the checkout process select lay-buy as the payment option and in special instructions let us know how much you wish to deposit.

What payments are available?

Lay-buy is available with bank deposits, PayPal and credit card over the phone.  You may use ZipPay for a final payment of up to $1,000 but not for progressive payments. 

How long do I have to pay?

You may lay-buy your kit for up to 3 months.  If you find you need longer please contact us.

Does it Cost Extra to Lay-Buy?

No.  There are no additional charges to lay-buy your starter kit.

What if I want to change the system I am lay-buying?

Sure!  If you want to change the system you are lay-buying just call or email us and we can change the lay-buy over to your preferred system.  

Please note: Once the training program has been emailed $150 of the deposit is non-refundable as this has been used to purchase these products and services.  Receiving the promotional material in advance is optional; see below:-

How do I receive my training while paying off my lay-by?

If you would like to receive this service please email the wording below when you make your lay-by payment.

I would like to receive access to the free social media ads and training while I pay off my lay-by and understand this will result in $150 of my deposit being non-refundable.