Bright Smile DIY Teeth Whitening Pen - RRP $19.95

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I recently switched out from using the unboxed pens to these ones and my customers are loving it.
I used to worry that clients wouldn't remember my instructions on how to use it, and a few of my regular clients have said to me "oh it was too hard so I didn't bother"
Now with this professional packaging, I not only feel like I am giving my clients a better product, but it has the instructions on the box. So if they forget what I told them, it's right there easy peasy.
I also love that the pen is clear, so they can see how much product they are getting.
On top of this, it is easier to sell these to customers, as they look fancy and like something you would buy in a store.
Definitely going to continue to supply these to my clients from now on.
Date Added: 06/01/2018 by Kate S.


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