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Teeth whitening expectations can be confusing when you see models on TV endorsing teeth whitening products who actually have veneers.  Unfortunately, there are also many results on social media are the result of photo filters, not teeth whitening actual results.  Teeth whitening businesses only share their very best results on social media so you are not seeing the ones which are average or not so great.  All of this can cause many clients to feel disappointed with their results.

The technique is as important as the product.  Some clients don’t respond well for a variety of reasons including age, enamel condition and type of discolouration many of those are listed below.  I hope this is helpful to you.  If you would like to have a chat please give me a call.  I am sure we can have you getting great results!



Teeth Whitening does not give the client paper white teeth no matter the level of peroxide unless they have that colour prior to staining.  Movie star white teeth are as a result of porcelain veneers, not teeth whitening.  This does make it hard when there are ads on TV with models advertising teeth whitening products who don’t have natural teeth.
It is an important part of the teeth whitening process to ensure your client has the right expectations prior to having a teeth whitening treatment.  Some of your clients may be using home whitening products or toothpaste which may limit results as part of the process has already been done.



We offer the strongest gels available for use outside of a dental clinic in Australia and the highest grade equipment.  When the process is done correctly most clients achieve maximum results in one treatment with our products which for the average person is 5-14 shades lighter.  What this means is 5-14 shades is the average level of staining a person with an average diet and lifestyle has on the surface of their teeth, who hasn’t had a whitening treatment for at least 12 months and hasn’t been using home products.



Teeth whitening bleaches the stains on the surface of the teeth it doesn’t whiten enamel no matter who does it, even a dentist.  This is the case no matter how strong the lamp is or how strong the peroxide is.  Teeth with very little staining due to good diet or the use of home whitening treatments may not show as large a result.  The more stained a person’s teeth the greater the result will be.  The whiter the person’s teeth were originally the whiter the result that can be achieved.  Each client will have a different start and post-treatment shade and will lighten by a different number of shades.
We like to make sure all our clients have the right expectation about teeth whitening so they can pass this on to their clients.  Our clients get the best results possible with teeth whitening; however, it is important to remember results are very subjective as each individual is different.




Here are a few things with you to assist you in getting the best possible results:-

1. Storing your gels in a cool dry place and not allowing them to get hot at any time i.e. in the car is very important (allowing the gel to get hot will reduce its potency).  In the warmer months keep your gels in the fridge and take them out at least 1 hour prior to the treatment.

2. Ensure you are doing at least 2-3 x 20-minute sessions with the accelerator lamp.  Clients with heavy staining may require 4th treatment or follow up treatment to get maximum results.

3. Ensure the first gel application is completely removed from the teeth before reapplying the next treatment.  The gel peaks after 20 minutes and becomes inactive so if any gel is left it will prevent the fresh gel from making contact with the stains.

4. Make sure the LED lamp is as close to the client’s mouth around 1-3 centimetres is recommended.

5. This is probably one of the most important things to note.  Ensure the client is FULLY reclined during the treatment or their saliva will remove the gel from their teeth.  During the teeth whitening treatment most clients will produce excess saliva.  Reclining the client means this gel will safely on their teeth.  If the client is not reclined the saliva will wash the gel from their teeth reducing the results and increasing the risk of soft tissue irritation.

6. It is important to ensure that during the process the clients head remains straight and directly under the lamp.  Using a mobile phone or device will often result in the client moving their head and reducing the results.

7. Make sure the teeth are clean and dry with the oral wipe prior to the gel application.  Any saliva, food particles or lip balm on the teeth will prevent proper contact with the gel.

8. Check the client has covered all the teeth to the gum line and in between the teeth with the gel to avoid a patchy finish.

9. Make sure you are using the same tooth and the same well-lit area to monitor results with the shade guide.  Memory or photos will not necessarily be reliable.

10. Clients who have been using home whitening products or who have an in-chair treatment regularly may feel they haven’t achieved much of a result. if your clients have been using any home treatments or have had a recent in chair treatment there may not be much staining on the surface of their teeth too remove.

11. Teeth whitening will only bleach stains on the surface of the teeth it will have no effect on intrinsic stains like dark shadows, dead nerves and intrinsic stains.  Veneers and crowns will not whiten.