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Can beauty salons do teeth whitening?

In Australia, beauty salons have the exciting opportunity to offer teeth whitening services, provided they adhere to specific guidelines and regulations. These guidelines ensure the safety and effectiveness of teeth whitening treatments while upholding industry standards and protecting the well-being of clients. Here’s a closer look at the key requirements for beauty salons offering teeth […]

Do you need a license to do teeth whitening in Australia?

  Do you need a license to do teeth whitening in Australia? This is an important question for those considering entering this growing industry. Teeth whitening services have become increasingly popular as people strive for pearly white smiles, and many individuals have sought out the opportunity to start their own businesses providing these services.   […]

Importing Teeth Whitening Products; What are the risks?

  Can I import teeth whitening products to sell?   With the ever-increasing pressures on businesses from competition and the economy, it has never been more enticing to look for ways to lower your company’s running costs. In an age when a worldwide marketplace (which now extends well beyond eBay) provides significant cost savings on […]

How to Offer Teeth Whitening in your Salon

Offering teeth whitening services in a salon can be a profitable investment as there is a high demand for whiter smiles. By providing this service, you can attract new customers and retain existing ones.   Adding teeth whitening to your salon can offer several benefits, including: Increased revenue: Offering teeth whitening services can provide a […]

Why use disposable teeth whitening products

  It is important to use hygienic single use products in professional in-chair teeth whitening to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to ensure the safety and health of both the client and the practitioner. Single use products eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, as they are used once and then discarded, reducing the risk […]

What makes teeth whitening products compliant?

Are you an Australian business selling teeth whitening products or offering treatment? Are you up to date on the latest compliance regulations? This video will help you understand the legal requirements for selling teeth whitening products in Australia. Discover which product labels and certifications are mandatory, plus learn about safety standards and consumer protections. Get […]

Why is it important to use Australian compliant teeth whitening products?

  Want to learn more about Australian compliance regulations for teeth whitening products? Watch our video and get all the information you need! We cover everything from the materials used, to safety standards and certification requirements. Get up-to-date on the latest compliance policies and know exactly what’s needed to bring your product to market in […]

How does Teeth Whitening Gel work?

  How does teeth whitening gel work? Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel works by releasing oxygen that penetrates the surface of the teeth to remove deep-set stains and discoloration. The oxygen molecule penetrates the pores of the enamel and dentin, breaking down the organic compounds that cause discoloration. The gel should be applied to the […]

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