Want to offer teeth whitening systems and products to your clients?

As you are probably aware teeth whitening has become a massive industry which is continuing to grow. We can help you to start offering teeth whitening businesses to your clients without the need to hold any stock or deal with the out of pocket of warranty claims or provide training. We cover it all for you.

We would handle all fulfilment including shipping Australia wide to your clients and handling of warranty through you. We ship fast, starter kits are generally dispatched within 24 hours of receiving your order and payment. Delivery is usually within 2-6 business days of dispatch depending on the carriers delivery times. Product is shipped usually the same day for orders received by 1 pm via express post so most clients receive the delivery the next day.

We are Australia’s largest suppliers to salons, clinics and training academies so you will have the confidence of knowing you are offering the best quality products available in Australia today. We are fully insured, Australian compliant and registered with the Australian government to import and supply teeth whitening products.

We have two options to offer you. You can be a referral partner or a reseller.



A referral partner is the simpler of the two options. We create a unique referral code for you. This code will give your clients a discount to use on our website when making a purchase. This discount will them let us know you have referred to as a client and a commission will be paid to you for the referral.

We handle all sales calls, after-sales service warranty and the client’s complete needs.

This option has the added advantage of us extending 6 months interest-free to your clients

The discount/commission structure can be set by you with a margin of 25%. For example. We can give your clients a 10% discount on teeth whitening starter systems as well as giving you a 15% commission.

Our teeth whitening systems range in price from $1,295 to $3,745 providing you with an excellent commission of $194.25 to $561.75 for each system purchased by your students. This would be increased if you took more commission and gave less discount.



As a dropship reseller, you would have the flexibility to set your own pricing and select the products you wish to sell.

We would offer you a 25% discount on all our products which will add to your profit. Our teeth whitening systems range in price from $1,295 to $3,745 providing you with an excellent profit of $323.75 to $936.25 for each system even if you sold for the same price as us.

You would handle all sales calls, after-sales service warranty correspondence and the client’s complete needs with our follow up support.

You can use our images on your website and basic descriptions. Just advise us of the intellectual property you are wishing to use and links to the pages where the elements appear for out validation.

I have included some information below for you on teeth whitening and our systems. If you would like to discuss anything further please call or email me with any questions you may have. PH: 0450 341 007