What do you need to start a teeth whitening business?

To start a teeth whitening business, there are several key components you’ll need to consider and put in place. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:


Training and Certification:

Obtain accredited training in teeth whitening procedures. Look for reputable training courses that cover both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


Legal Requirements:

Register your business with the appropriate government authorities.

Obtain any necessary licenses or permits required in your area to offer teeth whitening services.


Business Plan:

Create a teeth whitening business plan outlining your goals, target market, pricing strategy, marketing plan, and financial projections.



Decide whether you’ll operate from a fixed location, offer mobile services, or both.

Set up your space with appropriate lighting, privacy, and comfort for your clients.


Teeth Whitening Equipment:

Purchase teeth whitening equipment, including LED teeth whitening machine, cheek retractors, protective eyewear, and whitening gel.

Ensure your equipment meets safety and quality standards.


Teeth Whitening Gel and Supplies:

Source high-quality whitening gels and other supplies necessary for the procedure.

Ensure the products meet all Australian standards, are dental grade and are produced in an ISO certified factory.




Obtain liability insurance to protect your business in case of any unforeseen issues or claims.


Marketing and Branding:

Create a professional logo and branding materials that reflect your business.

Develop a marketing strategy to attract customers. This could include a website, social media presence, and advertising.


Client Consent Forms:

Create client consent forms that outline the procedure, potential risks, and aftercare instructions. Ensure clients understand and sign these forms before treatment.


Aftercare Products:

Consider offering aftercare products such as sensitivity-reducing toothpaste or maintenance kits for clients to purchase.


Hygiene and Safety Measures:

Establish strict hygiene and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of your clients during the procedure.


Client Booking System:

Implement a booking system to manage client appointments efficiently.


Pricing Structure:

Determine your pricing structure based on factors like market rates, costs, and desired profit margins.  So how much should you charge for a teeth whitening treatment? Generally $150 to $300 dollars per treatment is the best price point for offering a teeth whitening service.



Set up a system for keeping records of client information, appointments, and treatment details.


Training and Support:

Invest time in continuous learning and staying updated on industry trends.

Offer excellent customer service and support to build client trust and loyalty.


Storage and Inventory:

Have proper storage for your equipment and supplies to ensure they remain in good condition.


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