How to Start a Home Teeth Whitening Business


Are you ready to start your very own home teeth whitening business? This video will teach you the exact steps to take, from creating a business plan and choosing the best products for your customers, to marketing and growing your new venture.

Discover how easy it is to get set up in no time – all from the comfort of your own home! With this step-by-step guide, you can be well on your way to being a successful entrepreneur.


Starting a professional home teeth whitening business can be an effective and profitable way to make extra money. It is popular among those who want to work from home, as it requires minimal overhead costs. The first step in getting started is acquiring the necessary supplies. Additionally, you will need a marketing plan and advertisement budget in order to promote your services. Once these are in place you can start reaching out to potential clients either online or through word-of-mouth advertising.

Would you like to have your own business in the beauty industry?  Want to work from home? Would you like to earn $100-$300 per hour?

Look no further! Introducing the professional in-chair teeth whitening system from Teeth Whitening Wholesale – the perfect solution for anyone wanting to work from home.

Our in-chair system is a quick and convenient way for your clients to achieve a brighter, whiter smile in just one appointment. With no sensitivity and long-lasting results, your clients will leave with a brighter smile and a positive impression of your business.

Imagine the profit potential – offer just three treatments a day at $150 each, and you could earn $450 in additional revenue daily. That’s an extra $3150 in weekly profits and over $162,000 annually.

Our system uses only the best, highest quality ingredients, and is easy to use, ensuring your clients’ comfort and satisfaction. By offering a professional teeth whitening experience, you will stand out from the competition and grow your business quickly.

Starting your own business from home has never been easier. With the professional in-chair teeth whitening system from Teeth Whitening Wholesale, you can improve your lifestyle and reach financial freedom.

Don’t miss this opportunity to start your own successful business from home. Order now from Teeth Whitening Wholesale and take the first step towards a brighter future!

Get your own booming teeth whitening business running now with our complete starter package! This is not a Franchise and there are no fees. This is your own business which you can grow and one day even sell and keep all the money.

You will have the opportunity to operate alongside your existing job or commitments or grow your business into your main source of income. We have many clients who have grown their businesses to produce a massive income for themselves and have staff doing all the work.  I know it’s hard to believe you can do this with a startup cost of only $1,295 but we have helped thousands of people get started.  Many of the teeth whitening businesses you see on Instagram have either started with us or have started with one of our brands or customers.


Teeth Whitening Starter Systems

Teeth Whitening Starter Kit LITE 2000

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Teeth Whitening Starter Systems

Teeth Whitening Starter Kit FORCE 6000

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We are the largest and longest-running supplier of teeth whitening business start-ups in Australia and provide you with a proven formula to make your business a success. We even help you with brand creation; marketing and advertising so you have everything you need to create a thriving business.

You can add the service to complement your existing salon or business. Every beauty clinic should offer this service to their clients!

Our startup packages, products, and equipment are of the highest standard available and are exclusive to Teeth Whitening Wholesale. Don’t be fooled by similar-looking equipment or knockoffs from eBay or Chinese shopping sites.  These are not the same.  Your investment is protected with an Australian warranty and our friendly backup support.

* Small investment = Huge Income Potential!

* No experience needed!

* Proven money-making industry!

* Takes up very little space!

* Full training provided

* Fun and Profitable

The beauty industry is a flourishing business, and one of the latest trends in this area is teeth whitening. Working from home as a teeth whitening technician can be an incredibly profitable venture for those looking to make a living in the beauty industry.

The advantages of working from home are numerous; there are no geographical restrictions, meaning you could potentially service clients across the country. You have complete control over your pricing structure and can decide when, where and how often you work. Furthermore, by not having to pay any overhead costs such as rent for premises or payroll for employees, you can ensure that all money generated goes directly towards increasing your profits.

In addition to being financially lucrative, working from home also gives you more freedom than traditional employment.



Starting a professional home teeth whitening business can be incredibly profitable and fun. This popular service is becoming increasingly in demand, as people are now more aware of their appearance and desire to have white, healthy-looking smiles. My own experience in setting up a business of this kind has been extremely positive. It’s exciting to see the results that customers get from my services and I’ve never felt better about what I do for work.
I’m constantly looking for new ways to expand my business and make it even more successful – it’s amazing how much opportunity there is out there when you take the plunge! I’m always networking with other professionals in this industry, which helps me keep up to date with the latest trends and innovations within the field.
Jenny P.


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