Lay-Buy Welcome

Do you offer Lay-buy?

Yes, you certainly can lay-by your teeth whitening starter kit.  If you wish to lay-buy other products please contact us.

How does lay-buy work?

You may start with as little as $100 deposit and make payments of $50+ at any time.  When you make your payments we will update your order in the system.  When making payments simply use your order number and name as a reference.  Please also just send us a quick email letting us know you have made the deposit to ensure your account is updated as quickly as possible.  Once you have paid for your kit in full we will ship it to you and you can get started in teeth whitening.

How do I place a Lay-buy order?

Simply add the kit you wish to purchase to the shopping cart and proceed through the checkout process.  In step 2 of 3 of the checkout process select lay-buy as the payment option and in special instructions let us know how much you wish to deposit.

What payments are available?

Lay-buy is only available with bank deposits unfortunately you may use PayPal or credit card only for purchases paid in full.

How long do I have pay?

You may lay-buy your kit for up to 3 months.  If you find you need longer please contact us.

Does it Cost Extra to Lay-Buy?

No.  There are no additional charges to lay-buy your starter kit.

What if I change my mind?

Sure!  If you want to change the kit you are buying no problem just call or email us and we can change the lay-buy over.  If you decide teeth whitening is not for you or you have a change in your circumstances you can cancel your lay-buy at any time and receive a refund of the payments you have made. 

Please note: Once promotional material is shipped and the training program has been emailed $100 of the deposit is non refundable as this has been used to purchase these products and services.  Receiving the promotional material in advance is optional; See below:-

How do I receive my training and promotional material while paying off my lay-by?

If you would like to receive this service please email the wording below when you make your lay-by payment.

I would like to receive my promotional material and free training while I pay off my lay-by and understand this will result in $100 of my deposit being non-refundable.

We are Australian distributors of teeth whitening products for professionals.  Whether you have a salon or clinic, want to work from home or want to start a mobile teeth whitening business.  Our teeth whitening systems are the easiest and most cost effective way to get started in the industry.  Our packages include a selection of state of the art teeth whitening lamps (machines, accelerators) and Australian complainant peroxide and non peroxide gels.  We offer carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide in both pens and syringes.

We ship direct from our warehouse in Australia via express post so you get your order fast.  We have high turnover and our whitening gels are always fresh and highly effective ensuring the best results for your client.  We are importers of only the highest quality teeth whitening equipment and products and deal direct with the manufacturer.  Our teeth whitening gels are the strongest available in Australia for non-dental practitioners.  Our products, equipment and labelling are Australian compliant.  Our gels have MSDS reports and our equipment have CE certificates.  Our products and training meet Australian standards.

Offering teeth whitening in your salon or clinic is a great way to earn extra revenue from the clients you already have.  Our teeth whitening gels are the strongest available in Australia for non-dental practitioners and our accelerator lamps are manufactured to Australian standards.  Our products and teeth whitening machines all backed up by our satisfaction guarantee.  Our clients achieve excellent results of 5-14 shades lighter on untreated teeth.  View our clients results on our Facebook page:-

When you purchase a teeth whitening business solution from us receive more than just the equipment you need. In addition to the teeth whitening lamp and gel treatment packs in each starter kit you will receive essential information on regulations and insurance along with client consent forms and comprehensive training manuals, videos and at a glance treatment cards to help you breeze through your first few clients.  Our teeth whitening training process can be completed in less than 1 hour.

We offer a huge range of solutions the help you get into the business of teeth whitening.  We have a great range of drop ship products, so you can make money from selling teeth whitening products without the need to hold stock.  We also offer bulk wholesale prices and have an excellent reseller program.


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